About This Blog

As a lifelong fan of the horror genre, one of the things that happened with internet access was my accumulation of an extensive collection of images of all things monstrous and horror related. Because I downloaded all of these images for my own personal use I didn't worry about keeping track of where they came from. Many of the screen grabs and scans of magazine photos I did myself, but the bulk of it was done by other like-minded individuals who were generously sharing what they had with their fellow fans on the internet.

After searching through my archives for visual reference for a professional project I'm working on, I was astonished by the sheer amount of images I'd accumulated over the years, and equally mortified by how little actual organization there was. I noticed that there was a lot of good stuff in there, some of which was pretty rare. Some I'm not even sure what it is. In the spirit of giving back after all those years of taking for my own use, I've decided to start this blog, a gallery of monsters and their kin, which will feature one image per day for as long as I can manage.

If anyone comes across something that is unmistakably theirs and would like to be credited,  or removed, please contact me and let me know. Understand that at the time I downloaded these images to my own files I didn't think anyone would ever look at them other than me, and documentation wasn't a priority.

Other than that, please enjoy.